Policing and Community Safety Survey

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L to R: Chair Mrs. Sandy Redden, Councillor Julie Friesen, Vice Chair Mr. Terry Meidinger, Mr. Miles Thorson, Mr. Ted Rodych, Councillor Robert Dumanowski, and Mrs. Mandi Campbell.

Medicine Hat Police Commission Mission Statement:

“The Medicine Hat Police Commission provides overall direction through support and guidance to the Chief of Police, ensuring a safe and secure community.”

Medicine Hat Police Commission Core Values:

  • “Respect” – We respect our people and the community we serve.
  • “Accountability” – We are accountable to each other and those we serve.
  • “Honesty” – We are forthright, direct and honest with our community and ourselves.
  • “Integrity” – We conduct ourselves in an ethical manner; maintaining confidentiality, trust and objectivity.