Statement re: Resignation of Chief Worden

L to R: Chair Mr. Ted Rodych, Councillor Alison Van Dyke, Mr. Miles Thorson, Ms. Gwendoline Dirk, Mr. Marco Jansen, Councillor Shila Sharps, Vice-Chair Mr. Terry Meidinger, and Mr. Greg Keen.

Medicine Hat Police Commission Mission Statement:

“The Medicine Hat Police Commission provides overall direction through support and guidance to the Chief of Police, ensuring a safe and secure community.”

Medicine Hat Police Commission Core Values:

  • “Respect” – We respect our people and the community we serve.
  • “Accountability” – We are accountable to each other and those we serve.
  • “Honesty” – We are forthright, direct and honest with our community and ourselves.
  • “Integrity” – We conduct ourselves in an ethical manner; maintaining confidentiality, trust and objectivity.